This policy covers the activities, products and services of Project Furniture’s office-based operations throughout Australia

Project Furniture acknowledges that:

  1. designing for the environment is comprised of three (3) measurement platforms that are key to our continuous commitment to the environment; Materials Chemistry, Life Cycle Assessment and Recyclability;
  2. environmental parameters considered throughout the product life cycle are global warming, acidification, eutrophication, photochemical smog, abiotic resource depletion, Waste and Toxic substances, and
  3. the importance of environmental values and recognises that we all have a role in protecting the environment
  4. recyclability and reuse are crucial to our environmental policy to define how products are handled at the end of their
    useful life.
  5. successful recycling practice ensures recycled content is toxin-free with parts marked for the proper recycling stream.

Environmental Objectives

  1. To support these commitments, Project Furniture will:
  2. comply with applicable Australian Government, State and Territory environmental legislation, regulations, policies, initiatives and other requirements which relate to Project Furniture’s environmental aspects;
  3. use an Environmental Management System (EMS) in compliance with the AS/NZS ISO 14001 as the tool for continual improvement in its environmental management;
  4. apply our design and procurement expertise to create innovative products with reduced environmental impact;
  5. endeavour to ensure the chemistry of materials are safe, healthy and ecological sound throughout their life cycle
  6. assist customers on a case-by-case basis to evaluate, select and find environmentally responsible methods of managing their furniture, leveraging a national and global network to provide a variety of alternatives to sending unused furniture into landfills, such as:
    • recycling, thus minimizing the amount of waste put into landfill,
    • sale or donation to other businesses or organizations, and
    • refurbishing furniture for re-use by the original owner or new customer.
  7. demonstrate its commitment through the successful implementation of energy conservation programs;
  8. purchase an increasing component of energy from ecologically sustainable resources;
  9. manage its operations in a way that minimises pollution, reduce waste and the use of energy and resources, and prevent degradation of the environment;
  10. incorporate ecologically sustainable development principles into daily operations including business plans, purchasing, leasing arrangements and office accommodation practices;
  11. minimise its impact on the land, air and waterways, and to achieve the sustainable use and reuse of resources;
  12. work to prevent the release of harmful substances into the environment;
  13. comply with environmental legislation, and other relevant regulations;
  14. provide an environmentally sound workplace, and progressively implement a range of environmentally sound work practices including promoting re-use, recycling and a “reduce” philosophy;
  15. provide appropriate resources, and educate employees to ensure achievement of best practice waste management and to fulfil their environmental responsibilities integrated with their day-to-day activities;
  16. foster an environmentally responsible culture throughout Project Furniture by the involvement and awareness of persons working for or on its behalf;
  17. communicate our environmental commitments effectively to clients, suppliers, consultants and sub-contractors, to encourage them to adopt environmentally sustainable practices and encourage stakeholders to facilitate and enhance decision making processes aimed at preventing pollution by reducing, reusing, repairing and recycling resources;
  18. regularly monitor and report on its environmental performance; and
  19. evaluate and revise environmental management programs at least annually, to assess whether desired outcomes are being achieved against specific objectives and targets.


Project Furniture is committed to protecting the environment by conducting our operations in compliance with the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development and to continually improving its environmental performance. Together with our existing initiatives to preserve the environment and a strong staff commitment, Project Furniture will ensure the objectives of this policy continue to be met now and into the future.

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